About Us - what we do and how we do it

About UsWhat we do and how we do it

eco-classrooms™ was formed in 2010 in response to on-going issues we saw with schools sourcing, planning and installing new classroom facilities quickly, sustainably and with minimal disruption.

Research shows the design of a classroom at primary school level can boost learning progress by up to 16% in a single year (*Salford University - Clever Classrooms), so considered sustainable school building design will have direct impact on the learning achievements of our children.

eco-classrooms™ provides you with:

  • A low-maintenance child-friendly healthy environment and practical example of eco-friendly living for children. We build community and public sector buildings which inspire and motivate all ages, blending with the surrounding natural and urban environment; a realistic and flexible alternative to historical temporary classrooms and mobiles.
  • Practical, functional and highly adaptable teaching eco-spaces - a green classroom for the future, encompassing free flow areas and outdoor classroom play and forest school areas.
  • A cost-effective solution - many re-locatable or temporary mobile buildings will be installed as a temporary measure for a limited period - to meet short-term classroom shortages. The cost of these installations is sometimes higher than a permanent building solution. Eco-classrooms can quickly and affordably install a permanent building solution to assist with preventing such unnecessary expenditure.
  • An all-inclusive costing system - our clients know they can meet their tight budgets and plan finances effectively. Our prices are cost-comparable to traditional permanent building methods. We won a "Construction Excellence Value Award" in the East of England because our prices are below the Department of Education's recommended build costs for new buildings in schools.
  • A recommended and established service - we're on Local Authority Approved Contractors Frameworks - so we're able proven our best value, high health and safety standards, client satisfaction etc. We also collaborate with Education and Healthcare Property Consultants and Residential Housing Developers to realise integrated school schemes.
  • Significant reductions in energy usage and costs over the buildings lifespan. The air source heat pumps generate a 70% reduction in the long-term heating and cooling energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions. (From 4,000kg to 500kg in one year). Currently UK Schools spend about £450m on energy each year - three times as much as book expenditure! We compliment the Department of Education's targets to achieve sustainable schools by 2016 through enhancing sustainable development and creating a healthy school building environment.
  • A quick-to-build high quality solution to meet current crisis of school classroom shortages across the UK and urgent need for more classroom and nursery space in London and across the South East, eco-classrooms™ can lead your classroom design and build. Our buildings are completed in just six weeks - significantly less for some projects.

Do you have old school memories of lessons in a damp pre-fabricated mobile classroom that were either freezing cold or boiling hot? They're hardly conductive to a positive learning environment. Introduced in the 1960s and 70s as a quick-fix solution to a lack of classroom space many are still in use today and are poorly maintained, damp and ever-deteriorating, with large energy usages in the cold winter months. It seems logical that in this technological age, when children are taught on interactive white boards and devices; we're building classrooms that create a great learning spaces and an energy efficient environment, so our children will have great memories of learning in modern, bright and stimulating eco-spaces, that are an environmental legacy and a realistic example of eco-friendly living.

Meet the Team

Rob Hook, Director

Lucy McKay, Business Development Manager


Registered address:51 Yarmouth Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR7 0ET
Company number:Registered in England & Wales number 7181578
VAT:VAT registration number 991 7105 04

"Constructed with SIP Panels, this building has an appropriate pavilion feel, and the simplicity of the design coupled with the quality of the construction elevates it well above the level of 'the ordinary'. The systemised timber exterior cladding has precision in its purpose and implementation. The craftsmanship of the external trades here is of the highest order...."

Craftsmanship Awards 2013, Norfolk Association of Architects

About Us