Energy Efficiency - a commitment to environmentally friendly design and timber frame construction

Eco-friendlyA commitment to environmentally friendly design and timber frame construction

Sustainability is central to our designs: less than 10% of all non-domestic EPCs were rates A+, A or B in England and Wales from 2009-2014 (source: Energy Performance Building Certificates in England and Wales, DCLG). All our eco-classrooms™ meet this standard.

design - A rated EPCs

A-rated Energy Performance Certificates

  • Superb insulation: the eco-classroom's construction achieves a track record of A-rated Energy Performance Certificates. Our thermal performance and elemental 'U' values are some three times the standard that permanent building legislation currently requires.
    - Suspended ground floor: 0.088 WM2K (Building Regulations require 0.25 WM2K)
    - External walls: 0.114 W/M2K(Building Regulations require 0.35 WM2K)
    - Flat roof with insulation: 0.088 WM2K (Building Regulations require 0.25 WM2K)
    - Aluminium doors / windows: 1.800 W/M2K
  • Our timber frames are constructed here in the South East, so we reduce the CO2 emissions emitted by frames sourced and transported from Europe and further afield.
design - 99% recyclable

99% recyclable

  • All our products are 99% recyclable, being built from FSC (European Forest Stewardship Council) sourced timber, to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • The insulation can eventually be recycled again or disposed of safely, without creating toxic waste or biodegradability problems because it doesn’t contain artificial colours or added formaldehyde.
  • The insulation secures environmental credentials above a class of products already rated A+ in the BRE Green Guide, so it's ideal for environmentally responsible and 'formaldehyde-free' specifications.
efficiency - air source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps

  • Some 70% of the energy is generated for free - the system doubles as an efficient heating and cooling system to maintain a constant, pleasant level of temperature and comfort throughout the year - so no more boiling hot summers and freezing cold winters!
  • Research demonstrates a great quality building with good air ventilation and natural light can significantly boost learning progress and student achievements.
efficiency - maximising light

Maximising light

  • Our independent designs consider the aspect of your particular site to get the best of the Natural light sources.
  • We use high quality low-energy LED light fittings; they’re fitted with PIR motion sensors to ensure lights are only on when needed.
  • We use suspended lighting to maximise the spread of light to all surfaces in the room. We conducted our own additional research to ensure these combine optimum energy-efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Sun tubes can be fitted to take full advantage the natural light sources wherever possible to reduce your electricity use and carbon emissions.

"Just to say that everyone is super happy with the work and finished project at St Paul's and St Michael's School. I would definitely appoint and work with eco-classrooms again. The quality of the workmanship and materials is very good..."

Project Manager, St Paul's and St Matthew's

Energy Efficient