Multi-purpose community building

North Walsham School, Norfolk

"We needed to replace our existing mobile, with something to match our setting, be cost effective, top-specification and an energy-efficient eco-building."  

The Schools Management Team have installed a fantastic wide range of play equipment across the vast playing field in recent years, which accommodates some 600 children.  They approached eco-classrooms to create a "Hub" to be used during playtimes by the playground staff. The building also acts as a training room and community building, and generates an income for the school. It incorporates a kitchen facility, and w/c provision, this light-filled open space building provides an adult education training facility, school group work space, and generates income through renting the space to the wider community.

It took around six weeks to complete which fitted with our timescales - The eco-classroom blends in really well - it's brilliant; everyone congratulates us on what a lovely building it is.  eco-classrooms certainly were exemplary in terms of their service delivery; it's everything we wanted and hoped for!"

All eco-classrooms designs incorporate air-source heat pumps, fire alarm and security systems into the all-inclusive price.  Built with superb levels of insulation, our eco-classrooms often achieve a "A-rated EPC Certificate", to ensure significantly lower energy costs over the buildings lifespan. eco-classrooms build on the level ground to remove the need for slopes and ramp access, resulting in free-flow play-areas, and interconnecting outdoor spaces. 

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